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Competitors are reminded that compliance is required for all Series rules including the rules published on the Series Website and directives outlined in the Written Drivers Meeting notes made available at each event.   In particular please be alert to:

Formula Race Promotion Series rule 14 identifies the mandatory uniform patches that must be worn prominently on the driver’s uniform. The required patches are:
F2000, F1600, or FA Championship Series as appropriate
Hoosier Racing Tires

Effective immediately, competitors may not display a patch on their uniform identifying any other race series or tire manufacturer not specifically listed in Series rule 14.  Competitors not wearing the mandatory uniform patches or wearing a patch identifying a different series or tire manufacturer not listed in Series rule 14 will be assessed a loss of purse or at least a $50.00 fine.  Continued violations of this rule may include additional monetary fines or loss of finishing position.

Formula Race Promotion Series rule 16 and Tech Bulletin dated 1/16/14, requires teams to have professional, matching shirts for paddock and pit wear.  While we are not dictating what style the shirts should be, as long as they are tasteful and professional in appearance.  

As announced in a March 11, 2016 announcement  Formula Race Promotions requires each team to have at a minimum a 5 lb fire extinguisher rated A, B, and C. It is suggested the fire extinguisher be mounted on your trailer side door, however it must be clearly visible to series officials at any time your paddock area is being used. For teams with multiple cars, it is suggested multiple fire extinguishers be present.  For safety reasons compliance with this rule will be strictly enforced and a minimum of $50.00 fine may be imposed for failure to be in compliance.

Competitors are advised that the Written Drivers Meeting Notes made available each weekend must be read and understood. Compliance to the Written Drivers Meeting notes is mandatory. Failure to comply will result in penalties ranging from monetary fines to disqualification as determined by the Chief Steward or Race Director.