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To all Mid Ohio Competitors:
FRP is not holding a twilight test this year, as can be seen from both the website and DLB.  There is a MId-Ohio Track run open test and tune on Thursday night prior to our event that is NOT open to Series drivers.  We will, however, grant waivers to drivers with a legitimate reason needing track time, at the discretion of the Series.  Valid reasons include: non-series regulars who have never seen the track, using different equipment, validating damage repair from WGI.  Please contact either Chip Robinson or Bob Wright for clearance.
Recognize that this test and tune will most likely not be single run groups and could easily have FA and FV as well as others on the track at the same time. The Series is not involved and you must contact Mid-Ohio directly to enter, after seeking and receiving an FRP waiver.  Load-in in the lower paddock is still listed as 5:30pm subject to change by Mid Ohio.