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F2000 Race 1

Car #68 alleged blocking by car #66 through turn #4 to the bus stop.

Forward facing video evidence from car #68 was supplied. FRP Stewards conferred and reviewed video evidence. Car #66 violated FRP rule (Blocking). Finish order stands, car #66 is assessed 4 Championship Points.

F2000 Race 2

Car to car contact just prior to the green flag start of Race 2 between Car #66 and Car #67.

FRP Stewards conferred, reviewed witness statements and video evidence.

Car #66's impact to the back of car #67 should have been avoided under FRP rule (Avoidable Contact) while at the same time, there is no indication of intentional contact or bad judgement. Car #66 is assessed 15 championship points and loss of prize money.